Private Free Time Activity Club

Private Free Time Activity Club provides for children aged 6 to 15 a wide range of attractive school activities supporting and enabling holistic learning. It is continuous and conceptual part of the Private Elementary School at Masarykova 19/A in Košice, located in its premises.

Club programme is effectively connected with academically challenging school programme. Our priority is to develop the child´s emotional intelligence, effective use of time for relax, excercise, games, cultivating of relationships and healthy life styles. We teach children to understand the world in context, critically evaluate information and resist manipulation, to build the skills and knowledge to apply in everyday life.

Activities are chosen so that children can develop the ability to work with others to achieve the goal. But also the ability to succeed, to be happy as they are. In an open and friendly atmosphere they can learn tolerance and responsibility for their behaviour and decision and quite naturally follow rules.

We prefer independence and active approach of children. The main principle is free work which implies respect of the basic rules like to be responsible for their tasks and keep silent at work.

Freedom of choice does not mean that the child changes the activity without finishing it or that she does not do anything. Child has to choose some activity. Teacher helps them if necessary and directs them while respecting child´s abilities and best interests, ensuring their personal growth and development.

Prepared environment that makes it easy for children to explore and to learn, provides children with carefully prepared tasks and materials to enable freedom of movement, so that children can better concentrate and learn.

Working in mixed-age groups allows hildren to help each other and learn from each other, try to be like the younger or older member of the group. Children are led to the consideration for the needs of others. Mutual communication and cooperation in social groups develops feelings, behaviour and also independence.

Any game or toy occurs only in one version - children learn social interaction and coexistence.

The club operates daily before teaching, after its completion in the late afternoon hours and during school holidays in accordance with childrens interests and needs of the parents. Children in the club can prepare for lessons if they wish to do so.